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Does exactly what it’s supposed to ★★★★★
by Granngubben – Feb 6, 2023

I have some PDFs of Mangas and I wanted to read them right to left. This app made it possible. Sure, when I open the PDF on my iPad it starts at the end, but that’s what you would expect since the iBooks expects you to read left to right. So I just quickly scrolled to the end and was able to red my mangas exactly how I wanted to. Oh and the PDF was 460 pages. Just had to wait a little while while the rainbow wheel spun. No problems! Oh, and I’m using Mac OS Monterey on a 64-bit 2021 MacBook Pro with M1 Pro Chip. So this app is future proofed and should work on all modern Macs! 🙂

United Kingdom

Simple and effective ★★★★★
by Tototo2479 – Jul 1, 2021

You may wonder what the point of an app like this is. That is until you have an 87 page record printout that is in reverse chronological order. Then, like me, you will be very thankful for an straightforward app that does exactly what it says it does, and does it well – without any fuss. For the time, frustration, and energy this saves you, it is worth every penny.


Outstanding App ★★★★★
by IP Fan 38 – Dec 27, 2017

Probably the best dollar I have ever spent. I needed to reverse the order of a large pdf document and really didnt feel like dragging and dropping 260 pages into reverse order on Preview. Thanks so much! You saved me about 4 hours and a serious headache!