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pdf Paginate Pro (Mac)


Simple but extremely useful ★★★★★
by Granngubben – Feb 6, 2023

Excellelnt tool. Very simple to use and saved me a lot of time. It is worth the cost even if you only uses it once.


Works great ★★★★★
by AnUnveiledFace – Jun 12, 2022

Worked perfectly to add page numbers to a large pdf document (over 100 pages) on my M1 Mac.


Extremely Helpful for Exhibit Page Numbers ★★★★★
by Shell person – Nov 18, 2021

This app was a huge help, and worked exactly like I needed it to on Big Sur. Used it to apply numbers to an exhibit to legal pleadings. I’ve worked a lot with Bates numbering in the past, and this tool works well for adding them to a document quickly. Thanks!

United Kingdom

brilliant ★★★★
by moundofskullz – Nov 1, 2021

Great app the one thing that would make it perfect would be if it could do page 1 of x(total number of pages). But for what its for its intended pourpose its great simple and effective

United Kingdom

Subtle, simple, and works ★★★★★
by Tototo2479 – Jul 1, 2021

It just works. Very rarely, there is the bug that OMTW mentioned, but the workaround on that review fixes it. It makes what would be a very labourious task, easy. There is a subtle sense of satisfaction and appreciation everytime I use it – money well spent. If you have to deal with collating documents for bundles etc, you will appreciate this app.

United Kingdom

Excellent At What It does ★★★★★
by KAS118 – Apr 6, 2021

This is a great programme for being able to do somethng that is missing in ‘Preview’ and that is to paginate various different PDF documents that have been combined into one. It is very versitile – as you can chose Text to go either before or after Page Numbers; the size, colour and font used and the location of where the numbers are put. Furthermore, until the Paginated PDF is subsequently ‘Exported’ as a PDF you still retain the ability to amend the ‘text’ on individual pages. Highly recommended.


Just right ★★★★★
by Notasev – Jan 5, 2021

Nicely designed app that does one thing really well IMO. Great for adding page numbers to PDFs. Simple and not overcomplicated, but enough features to handle different needs. Nice to be able to specify before text, after text, font, text color, location, and starting number. At one point I made the error of keeping the font colored white from a prior usage and couldn’t understand why the numbering was not showing on new documents (with white backgrounds), but the developer quickly pointed out that my chosen font color was my issue. Works for me!


It puts the numbers on the pages ★★★★★
by Nick9933 – Mar 6, 2020

Or does it put the pages under the numbers? This great mystery may never be solved, but who cares. I have numbered pages.

United Kingdom

Simple and effective ★★★★★
by Ciloyt – Feb 28, 2020

This app does one thing well: it adds page numbers to pdf documents. I downloaded it and it worked. You can also add text before or after the page number, and so write “Page 1 of 12” or “Draft page 1”. It’s amazing that the Mac Application “Preview” does not do this, but it doesn’t, and so Paginate Pro is the thing to have!


Saves me hours ★★★★★
by fergusonline – Apr 8, 2019

I never knew I needed this app until I needed it. Applying page numbers to pre-made meeting dockets is a snap and saves me tons of time. The developer is responsive and helpful.


Solved my problem quickly and perfectly ★★★★★
by My_R3v13w_99 – Mar 20, 2019

Super handy app. Simple to use and flexible. Could match font and custom colour to files I had numbered using Pages, then intersperse the different sources into a single PDF with consistent numbering. Would be useful to be able to ‘undo’ as I tried a few placements deciding best location for page number – but so quick and easy it was not a big deal to repeat until I was happy.


Perfect for PDF Page Numbers ★★★★★
by Rizwana Azad – Dec 5, 2018

This app is very easy to use. The developer is very prompt and helpful. I avoided paying Adobe Pro or Foxit paying hundreds, as this app does the same page numbering in a fraction of cost. Indie developers are the best.


Saved My Dissertation ★★★★★
by guy fieri on the fury road – Sep 20, 2018

i work with a lot of images, so i had a separate pdf file of images for my dissertation that i wanted to put at the end as an appendix. i was losing my mind trying to figure out how to paginate literally 150 pages of images without having to do it by hand, and this little barebones app did it in no time at all. if i were not quite as desparate, perhaps this would receive a slightly lower rating, because it really is about as bare-bones as you can get. The only thing that gave me frustration was that the page numbers at the bottom of the page (a requirement for my university) are almost too low to be visible. I am still reeling with relief that i don’t have to number what feels like a million pages by hand, so take this with a grain of salt, but honestly: a+++ from this very tired grad student


Saves me heaps of time – Great App! ★★★★★
by GeorgeTasmania – Feb 20, 2018

I am not sure why there are some negative reviews. I used to add page numbers manually using Preview. This app does it automatically and I like the fact that I can nominate the 1st page to paginate, add leading text and even add new pages later and repaginate! Maybe there are scenarios where it doesn’t do what the user expects but as far as I am concerned it does exactly what it says it will do and reading teh responses from teh developer tells me his very proactive. A trait not found in many developers especially at this price point. Great job Francis!


Great program, especially for Bates Numbering. ★★★★★
by R2Law – Feb 16, 2017

I read some of the negative reviews before purchasing and I don’t get them at all. I found the program easy to easy to use and the developer to be very responsive. I would like to address the critics who said this program is not right for Bates numbering and that the recipient can move or manipulate the numbering. The numbering can be changed but NOT if you finalize the project by doing a File Print, Save as PDF. This process locks in the numbering — very similar to flattening in PDF annotation software. I recommend this program without reservation, and I’m anxious to see what’s next from this talented developer.

Great to have for anyone writing & publishing ★★★★★
by Loon Cries – Dec 27, 2015

This lets you number pages and then when you have revised some of the pages and inserted some portion of new PDFs, it will know what to number again and what not to. Very slick! If you use self publishing, this is essential. A great value.

Excellent utility application – highly recommended ★★★★★
by DgLckwd – Jun 15, 2015

Easy to use, consistent results, works every time. The judge in a recent trial praised my bundle preparations and in particular, the very clear page references. What more can I say?

Exactly what I needed in a pinch… ★★★★★
by Fritz LMSW – Version – 1.1 – Dec 29, 2014

I’m under a deadline for a grant that calls for a number of PDF attachments, all with page numbers. I quickly searched for an app that would let me add page numbers to the document I created in Preview. Paginate Pro came up and I quickly decided to spend the $8 (versus whatever Adobe Pro costs!). Five minutes later, and my document has clearly indicated page numbers. Wonderful application, easy to use, and definitely useful for those of us who are often working with lots of separate PDF files. Bravo!

Simple and Effective ★★★★★
by kingspointer – Version – 1.1 – Oct 22, 2014

I love this app. It performs a feature that most PDF programs ignore, beautifully. I highly recommend it.


Very easy to use, does exactly what I need it to do ★★★★★

by Dave Woffinden – Dec 7, 2016

Very easy to use. Clean, neat, numbering. Exactly what I need. Has saved me so much time and when I had a query the developer came back to me quickly with a fix. Would definitely recommend.

Great app for page numbering ★★★★★
by 101Robbo – Version – 1.2 – Jun 15, 2015

This app is a terrific solution for numbering PDF documents. Of course, Preview should do this already, but it doesn’t. PDF Paginate has a simple interface, simple options, and works every time. Impressively the developer replied comprehensively to my feedback on the app.

Excellent utility application – highly recommended ★★★★★
by Lockwoodda – Version – 1.2 – Jun 15, 2015

Easy to use, consistent results, works every time. The judge in a recent trial praised my bundle preparations and in particular, the very clear page references. What more can I say?